Thursday, October 19, 2017

October Block Lotto - Wonky Christmas Trees

I really wanted to do coffins for October, but this is going to be the last block lotto of the year (sad, I know!) so let's get right into Christmas!

This month we are making Wonky Christmas Trees.  There is a great tutorial by Amy Smart here: Diary of a Quilter - wonky Christmas Trees.

Modern Tree Quilt Block
Source: Amy Smart - Diary of a Quilter

These blocks should come out at least 7.5"x9.5" unfinished. Do not trim them down if they're bigger, let the winner trim them down to size. The trees themselves will come out to all different sizes and shapes, which is the fun part! I like the ones that lean a little.

This tutorial nicely assembles the entire top portion first and then attaches the bottom portion (do that!).  Leah Day's tutorial assembles it the other way around (don't do that!) but has tips on making the tree itself with wonky stripes!  Feel free to decorate your tree however you like (I'm looking at you, popcorn strings), and here is your palette.

Source: Inspire Sweetness

This is a great, playful palette with one foot in Vintage and one foot in Modern. Both solids and prints are cool, or even a mix of both. The method outlined in Amy's tutorial makes trees two at a time, so the background for one tree will be the focal fabric for another.  Add any browns you like for tree trunks.

General Rules:

1. Make one quilt block (or more) following the pattern and color scheme outlined in the monthly post.  For every block you make and bring to that month’s meeting, you will get one entry in the lotto.  If you are unable to attend the meeting, but really want to participate in the lotto, comment on this post or contact Philippa and we’ll try to work it out. Remember, you must be a member of CALMQG to participate.
2. The winner gets ALL THE BLOCKS to make a quilted project from them (guild reserves the right to vote on splitting up the blocks between more than one winner if there are enough entries).  If you win, the blocks become yours and you can use them in any way you choose. 
3. We would like to see your finished project, either in person or pictures, within a year of winning the blocks.  You may continue to participate in and win subsequent block lottos during that time (at least for now…we may elect that you can not win again until you've shown your finished project).  After the year is up, you cannot participate or win again until the original project is finished.
4. Use modern fabrics that you like, or love! If you are unsure about your fabric selection as it relates to 'Modern', just ask.
5. Have fun!  Keep in mind that (most likely) someone else will be taking home your block to incorporate into a larger piece and things must fit together (literally…so keeping your block true to size is probably the most important thing), but you should also make it yours and enjoy the process!

Share with the tags @calgarymqg #calmqgblocklotto #calgarymqg on IG or on the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild Facebook Group. If you would like help with either of those, contact your guild's Social Media Coordinator: Tamara Kerelchuk @ninjadesigns or @calgarymqg
Have fun! I can't wait to see all the happy little trees!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

October Meeting and Sew Day

Our October meeting will be at Wonderfil Threaducation Centre Bay 4, 2915 19th St. NE from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday October 19th 2017.

This month we have an Art Documentation expert coming in to talk about how to photograph your quilts. This will segue into November when Linda talks about how to get your quilt accepted into a show (spoiler, you need a good photo!).

We are also still continuing to run the Charity Table.  This has been hugely successful and has massively offset the costs required to fund both the charity quilts for Sonshine and the QuiltCon Charity Quilt. Bring in anything you have that you won't use that you think someone else might love to take home.  In the past this has included patterns, magazines, notions, fabric (whole, scraps, selvage).  Don't forget to bring the already-completed pieces of the Charity Quilt from the kits you took last month.

The meeting agenda is:
  • Guild business
  • Presentation: Art Documentation - photographing your quilts
  • Collect and award block lotto
  • New block lotto announcements
Please bring:
  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag
  • Block lotto entries
  • Charity Table donations
  • Completed Dresden Plates and Rail Fences for the Charity Quilt

Our October Sew Day  is also at Wonderfil and we're working on Charity Quilts! Bring everything you need to sew Charity QuiltsSaturday October 21st 10am - 3pm.

The dues cycle is January-December and they are $50 per person. Members who join after June will pay $30. First meeting is free for visitors, then $5 per meeting (fees could be more for special programming).

Friday, September 22, 2017

Quiltcon 2018 Charity Quilt

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to sew Dresden Plates and Rail Fence squares for our QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt! Following what was discussed at the meeting, below are some further instructions:

Rail Fence Low Volume Blocks: Please sew 11” square blocks with the fabric provided and do not trim - we will do that when constructing the quilt. If you want to add more fabric please ensure it is low volume.

Dresden Plates: Please feel free to make any variation of a Dresden Plate. There are many tutorials and patterns online including:

Please make approximately the size of Dresden Plate indicated on your bag of fabric, without stressing too much (9.5” rather than 10” is fine, etc.).  Please remember if your final Dresden Plate is 10” each wedge will be 5” (because there are wedges on both sides of the circle, completing the 10”).

If you want to add a bit of fabric from your stash, please stay within this palette provided from MQG.  Thanks for your help everyone!  We can’t wait to see all of the finished blocks and Dresden Plates at the October 19th meeting!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

September Block Lotto - Birds of a feather...

Well the weather has certainly cooled down, so its time to dig into some of those yummy rich fall colours. I think this shelf of yarn tells it all!.

As you can see there are lots of warm greens,  mustards and even brown Gasp!  If all these warm tones are out of your comfort zone, the pinks, plums and teal will provide the the right zing!

We are making Bird Blocks with all these colours  on white or low volume backgrounds.

I am giving you a couple of options on how you make these birds.  

Here is a link with "half-assed" (their words) instructions for going the improv route. I will add approx cut sizes below
But...please base the overall block size off the paper pieced bird, and especially the leg thickness of 1/4 inch. Finished block is 5x6, so trim to 5.5 x 6.5 
Feel free to change up the bird shape a bit, just watch the overall block size.

Birds can face either way.

Here are some numbers to help with the improv route.
Part 1 - wing body, start with a 4.5" square cut on the diagonal.  Use square approx 1.5" on the wing piece to shape the wing. Sew a background triangle of the same size (4.5) tothe wing triangle.

Bird body/front - same height as the body, and 1.5-2" wide. Background square 1.5-2"

Background and beak. - Same height, but a bit wider than the body. Beak approx 1.5 square, but play with dimensions.
Bird here. Legs are 1/4 inch wide.finished.

Wondering which hashtags to use? #calmqgblocklotto #calgarymqg 

Have fun!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

September Meeting and Sew Day

Our September meeting will be at Wonderfil Threaducation Centre Bay 4, 2915 19th St. NE from 7 – 9 pm on Thursday September 21st, 2017.

This month we have some members talking about how they use Technology in all parts of quilting.

The meeting agenda is:
  • Guild business
  • Technology in Quilting presentation
  • Collect and award block lotto
  • New block lotto announcements
  • Show and Tell Summer Quilt Challenge
Please bring:
  • A quilt or project for show and tell
  • Name tag
  • block lotto entries
  • Summer Challenge Quilt
  • Charity Table donations

Our September Sew Day  is also at Wonderfil and the theme is English Paper Piecing. You can bring your EPP project and get instruction and help from members experienced in EPP, or you can bring your own projects to work on Saturday September 23rd 10am - 3pm.

The dues cycle is January-December and they are $50 per person. Members who join after June will pay $30. First meeting is free for visitors, then $5 per meeting (fees could be more for special programming).